Praise God, We Won: A Vision of Victory from Jesus Christ in the Revelation by Roger Shepherd


Only one thing stands between you and victory: faith and relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

What is the world coming to? The economy is hurting, layoffs are prevalent, and society is anxious. Natural disasters continue to multiply. The home is crumbling. War is killing its thousands. Terrorism is terrifying! Satan is filling religion with dogmatism and pessimism. Sickness and death are marching forward with intensity. Depression is stealing the joy of many people. Wouldn’t it be great to walk out by claiming the victory that is in Christ?

God is worthy of our praise. In the Bible believers lived shouting, “Hallelujah,” while celebrating God’s deliverance over Satan and ultimately over sin at the coming of Christ. Praise (glory, honor, commendation, and joy) is ascribed to God in respect of His glory exhibited in the character and victory operations of Christ. The Revelation celebrates victory in all ages while looking to a prevailing life with Christ in the present age and in heaven. Praise God, We Won magnifies the story of praise and victory in reality to every believer in Christ.

Paperback : 166 pages

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