Something Happened When I Prayed: God Hears. God Is Near. Paperback by Dan Winkler


It helps so much but can hurt so deeply. It demonstrates the depth of our trust but can destroy our faith. It draws us close to God but can make God feel far away.
That’s prayer. It’s a blessing that can prove to be a curse. It’s a privilege that can leave us feeling disenfranchised. It’s supposed to be so easy and, yet, it can be so hard—at times, impossible. Why?
SOMETHING HAPPENED WHEN I PRAYED leads us into the throne room of God, alerting us to all that goes on up there when we pray down here. It dares to tackle the dark side of prayer when God doesn’t seem to listen or care. It can even help us see through the tears that silence our prayers. With his straightforward and engaging style of writing, Dan Winkler will challenge your thoughts, touch your heart, and make you say, “I’m so happy I get to pray.”

Paperback : 75 pages
Dimensions : 5 x 0.17 x 7 inches

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