The Gift of Purity by Rachel Welborn


Bible Study for teen girls

A list of rules. This is how most young people view purity. But Rachel Welborn, in The Gift of Purity, seeks to open our eyes to the rest of the story. Purity is wise. Purity is what’s best for us over time. Purity is an appropriate response to God’s amazing love. But purity is also difficult, often ridiculed, and completely outside of today’s norm. Besides filling in the gaps on why purity is the right choice, The Gift of Purity provides encouragement for teenage to young adult women who are trying to walk this narrow, challenging path. “It’s not being different just for the sake of being different; it’s being different in trust and obedience to God’s loving guidance,” Rachel explains. And the difference is a life of pure living. That is God’s plan for each of us. How will you respond?

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